Obituary: Annie Keenan’s Boobs

Annie Keenan’s boobs, 18, died around the summer of 2010, in cold hospital operating room.

Annie Keenan’s boobs were born about 18 years ago. They were the most awesome boobs of any kind. They were twins, no other siblings are known.

Annie Keenan’s boobs graduated high school in the summer of 2010.

Around 2007 or so, Annie Keenan’s boobs exploded on the internet and caused quite a stir. Were the boobs real? Were the boobs fake? Where the boobs a product of stuffing? No one really knows for sure. But, the controversy stirred quite the conversations.

Ms Keenan’s boobs are survived by a smaller, less awesome version of themselves. No other relatives are known to be alive.

Their funeral service will be held on page 21 at The Annie Keenan thread on The Busty Web Shots forum.

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